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This natural AYURVEDIC Hair Treatment Serum is a rejuvenation tool that restores balance to your hair. It works to strengthen hair-roots and nourish hair-shafts for new hair growth, while softening and conditioning your hair. It also protects the hair from the harsh effects of the sun, and enhances blood circulation. With regular use, you'll find that premature greying, hair fall, and dandruff will automatically resolve themselves. Try it today and see the amazing results.

AYURVEDIC Hair Treatment Serum 4 oz

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    • Infused with penetrating holistic oils, root plants and herbs for hair oiling
    • Rejuvenation
    • Strengthening hair-roots & nourishing hair-shafts
    • Promoting new hair growth,
    • Softening & conditioning the hair,
    • Protects hair from UV rays
    • Enhancing blood circulation in the head and neck., Relieving the “tightness” felt from stress. reduce oxidative stress
    • Replace lipids in the hair which is lost These are lost due to
    • chemical treatments, styling, or even pollution
    • Increase moisture, luster, and shine
    • Reduces hygral fatigue
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