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the owner of 5 star beauty collection and ellis jai products. jai ellis

 Jai Ellis, the Founder, CEO, and creator of this awesome collection of products. Here you'll learn a little about me and my amazing journey.  In 2019, I experienced some health challenges which resulted in large amounts of hair loss. My hair became very dry with lots of breakages. I had been using my products for so long that it was hard to go without using them (Habit I guess). Once my body reset and my health improved so did my hair health.

In February 2021 I knew that it was time to launch my hair care line. After years of failed formulas and other life challenges, I finally felt that I was prepared for this journey. Within days I was back to creating new and improved versions of my hair growth products.


5 Star Beauty Collection was the only product I used on the hair of my clients and myself for over 30 yrs. Although our hair care products are created for the African American and Bi-racial types of hair, 5 Star Beauty Collection hair care and body products are for all hair types. Everyone can benefit from using our products.

As professionals, we always consider the makeup and common challenges of hair and scalp issues. As a creator, teacher, civil engineer, chemist, and founder of 5 Star Beauty Collection.  It's important to keep in mind how to analyze the causes and effects of one’s hair makeup. Hair is comprised of eight parts that include veins, sweat glands, arteries, hair bulbs, oil glands, hair follicles, and hair shafts, and three growth cycles, which are Anagen (growth phase), Catagen (transitional phase), and Telogen (resting phase).


Our hair oils are comprised of key ingredients that are proven to penetrate, heal the strands, seal in moisture, and nourish the entire hair strands.  The manufacturing process takes place in a clean sterile environment in Ashburn VA. All products are vegan-friendly, holistic, and natural.

My real-life health experience has propelled me to these next levels in a short period of time. I want to continue to put out quality products that produce and manifest real results. Losing my hair by the handful was devastating. This helped to push me to develop natural and vegan-friendly products for all hair types. That would aid in ratifying hair loss issues, ranging from dryness, lack of shine, low porosity, split ends, and loss of length retention.

Our team and I are committed to giving back to the community local charities and other organizations. Ranging from homeless shelters, schools, substance abuse, domestic violence, Mental health organizations, Cancer awareness, and ex-offenders. We work very closely with law enforcement and government organizations to assist in offering ex-offenders opportunities to fulfill their community service obligations as well as permanent employment opportunities.

Natural Herbs


Is to encourage our client's self-confidence, and awareness by empowering them to fall back in LOVE with their natural hair textures by using our all-natural products for the entire family.


  • To educate our consumers about our products to enhance their overall hair health.

  • Scale our empire to a billion dollars in revenue.

  • Grow our presence worldwide.

  • Launch our non-profit.

  • Create opportunities for anyone wanting to build their own brand with our BYOE program.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. 5 Star Beauty Collection products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Results will Vary.

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